In the same boat 2016

The second meeting In the Same Boat took place on June 29, 2016.

Again, representatives of CSOs and business met on one deck, this time to address jointly the issue of operating costs of non-profit organizations. One of the discussion topics was why and how we should talk about operating costs of nonprofits, be it in the role of donors, directors of organizations or their employees.

This time the evening networking party was preceded by an all-day conference full of interesting case studies and well-known names. For example, the following people met at the roundtables:

  • Robert Basch, director of the foundation Open Society Fund
  • Igor Klimeš, Bakala Foundation
  • Martina Břeňová, Avast Foundation
  • David Lukeš, Center Paraple
  • Tomáš Řemínek, director of Karel Janeček Foundation
  • Štěpán Kačena, Marketing KPMG Czech Republic
  • and many others.

The roundtable discussions were followed by Jitka Nesrstová, who works at Frank Bold in the Reconstruction of the State project. In the Same Boat, she offered the audience a slightly different perspective on operating costs of organizations. She pointed out that it is important that CSOs learn to share their ancillary costs with the public and donors. On the other hand, she encouraged companies to take interest in these costs, for example, to take them over, because this is how they can help organizations effectively. 

The boat also hosted the second meeting of a group of people interested in impact monitoring. The Impact Academy was created based on this meeting. We are honored to have been at the birth of this intensive transformation education program. It is open to civil society organizations, social enterprises and donor representatives who seek to promote positive social change. As the name of the academy suggests, graduates learn how to track the impact of their activities better and how to increase it.


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Author: Jan Hromádko